Gloves by Giulia Tess

Gloves by Giulia Tess

I had the unique opportunity to contribute as the videographer and post-production for Giulia Tess' music video, 'Gloves'. Collaborating with director Ella Mitchell, we brought to life the anthemic vibrancy of Tess' EP, characterized by its dreamy melodies and UK club euphoria.

The video encapsulates the essence of the track—wistful vocals and brassy bass—while weaving in the football-inspired themes and Tess' signature underground London sound.

Our visual narrative complemented the music's hedonistic rush, reminiscent of night-time city drives, capturing Tess' ascent into the broader realms of electronic music. This project was a blend of playful videography and editing, aiming to visually echo the (vintage) 'sound of the summer' energy that Tess' EP radiates.

Collaborator: Ella Mitchell