The Iranian Internet

The Iranian Internet

Diving into the heart of internet censorship in Iran, this project paints a picture of how Iranians navigate the digital world under watchful eyes. It explores the concept of the 'Halal' Internet, showcasing the ways people circumvent censorship to access and share information. The work also spotlights the Iranian blogosphere, accidental activists, and the state's surveillance machine, highlighting the ongoing fight for information freedom.

Infusing traditional Iranian aesthetics—like architecture and calligraphy—into its visual language, the project connects Iran's rich heritage with its contemporary digital struggles.

Born from the 2009 election's fallout, where the internet first proved its mettle as a tool for democracy amidst a media blackout, this visualisation captures a pivotal moment in digital activism. It tells a story of resilience, offering insights into how technology can amplify voices fighting for change.

Selected appearances

123 Data Expo, Paris / France
Share Beirut Conference, Beirut / Lebanon
Gestalten TV, Berlin / Germany
New players, new roles exhibition, London / UK
VISUALIZED conference, NYC / USA
re:bulica conference Berlin, / Germany

Data visualisation
Information design